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otimo jogo

Nice work!

Thanks a lot!

Pleasure!! You deserve more!!

A downloadable build, please? WeGL is not XP compatible :\

Sorry for the delay! The final version is about to be released, if you could wait a few, you can play it on Steam :)

I've enjoyed so much. I won the hard mode without much difficulty with Shishido. But I'd like to know if it is common or then I got the playability technique.

Nice Game!

He is pretty unbalanced right know! I want to finish the other characters to see how they play together and then, work on balacing them.

Thanks for playing!

So fun to fight against the AI! You did a really nice job on it!

Real Duel mode it's hard!

I've been working on an AI for enable single player mode! I'll be releasing it soon!

I finally got around to playing this with my sister. Good stuff! It seems both players cannot hit the attack button at the same time. When that happens, it tends to favour one player over another. I'm not sure if this was intentional to prevent draws. But it does feel a little unfair.

Haha, I like the gruesome death animation when all lives are lost. All it needs now is a victory screen or something to show that the player won.

Also, I noticed that when you click to start, the controls show for a brief moment but then they quickly disappear from the game. If possible, maybe add the controls to the game page or make it so that the player has to press another key when the controls screen shows.

But that's pretty much all I can think of. Like I said in the thread, I promised to play it with someone, and I did. And it was a good experience. :

Hey, thanks for taking the time to do it. I'm really glad you like it!

About the inputs, it was not designed to be like that. I have no idea why is that, if unity just take an input at a time...

About the control screen, you're right! I'll fix that in the next update.

Thanks again!

Great idea! The character sprites and animations are awesome! Keep it up!